Computer Modern Unicode fonts: Warnings

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  • After upgrade run

    fc-cache -f
  • To embed these fonts into pdf files using ps2pdf script you should use ghostscript-8.x (8.15 is OK).

  • The fonts CMUTypewriterVariable and CMUTypewriterVariable-Italic cannot be installed under Windows due to long family name.

  • The opentype font versions prior to 0.4.1 may cause crashes of applications under Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

  • Currently opentype fonts are not fully supported by X applications. Most ones, for example GNOME or qt-3.x based programs (KDE 3.x), can render otf fonts but cannot print.
    Look at bug report for libgnomeprint. does not support otf fonts at all ( Issue 16032 ).
    qt 4.1, scribus, inkscape and seamonkey (firefox 1.5) have some support for printing with otf fonts.
    As a workaround for printing with Qt 3.3 call Fontmap.CMU.alias after Fontmap.CMU in ghostscript's Fontmap file. It would substitute some fonts.

  • Outdated mkfontscale does not recognize SemiBold style option in names of Type 1 fonts. Use supplied fonts.scale file.